USUN technologies manufacture technical automotive parts, big and small, with a focus on keeping parts high-strength, low-weight, fuel efficient, and durable.


USUN’s latest technologies, in rapid product development cycles, meet the demand for superior part  quality, precision, and ever-smaller parts, with ever-shorter life-cycles, at ever-lower costs.


USUN enables our customers to create innovative and unique packaging for niche items that stand out from their competitors while getting to the market quickly at an affordable cost.


Our products match the demands of the market. We support new technologies and advances in science that speed up the demand for a vast array of new products and part applications in the medical industry.


The needs of the Consumer Goods industry are in creating simple items that make daily life easier for consumers, and attractive, functional, packaging that can be brought to market quickly and affordably with an eye to sustainability.


Faster cycle times with lower maintenance costs are the goal of the PET/Preform industry as it looks to maximize profits from existing molds while reducing time and risk when bringing new bottles to the market.

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